PSAP Survey Questions






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1. Does your Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) have in place emergency communication protocols pertaining to pipeline emergencies?
Yes No

2. When taking a 911 call related to a pipeline release, what questions should you ask of the caller?
A) What do you see? (e.g., liquid pools on the ground, oily sheen on water surface or visible vapor cloud)
B) What do you hear? (e.g., hissing or roaring sounds)
C) What do you smell? (e.g., gaseous odor and/or rotten egg smell)
E) All of the above

3. Do you know how to contact your local pipeline operator(s)?
Yes No

4. Do you know the information that is available on a pipeline marker?
A) Pipeline company or operator name
B) Type of product transported
C) Emergency contact number
E) All of the above

5. Please indicate how aware you are of local pipeline operators' abilities in responding to a pipeline emergency?
A) Very
B) Somewhat
C) Not at all

6. Do you feel that your agency has the necessary training for a response to a pipeline emergency?
A) Yes
B) No
C) N/A

7. In the past 12 months, has your PSAP met with local pipeline operators to plan how your agency and pipeline operators can engage in mutual assistance in order to minimize hazards to life or property?
Yes No

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